Linda Romeo says..
Sep 22, 2018

Hi guys just saw you at the Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow. What a truely amazing night. You guys were outstanding and had the whole place on their feet from start to finish (including me, i was the one with my leg in a splint and a crutch). The performance from you guys waa just brilliant from how you interacted with the crowd to the amazing vocals of Andreas. Hope to see you back soon.

A Foreigners Journey said - Thanks Linda. We will be at The Cathouse in Glasgow next year.

Melanie Perrett says..
Jul 14, 2018

There are tribute bands, and then there is A Foreigner's Journey, who are in a different league to any other tribute band I have seen!! They don't wear lookalike costumes or put on fake American accents, they just give the audience pure talent and a show they won't forget! The musicianship was outstanding, with exceptional guitar solos by lead guitarist Ricky, and Andrea has an amazing vocal range and fantastic stage presence, and the entire band are very talented and performed the songs of these two legendary artists with such respect and enthusiasm, that even the most obsessive fans of Foreigner and Journey will appreciate. Whether you are a fan of Foreigner, Journey or just love top notch live music and a show with atmosphere that had the audience on their feet dancing, this is the one to see!! It was nice to see a band who clearly are enjoying themselves on stage and the rapport and banter between them just added to the fun of the evening. I saw them in Leeds a couple of weeks ago and immediately decided to I had to see them in Keighley on the 21st too, and I recommend that you see them whenever you can too!! These guys are incredible!! I never thought that two hours could fly by so quickly! Thank you AFJ for reminding us what a live show should be like!! x

Ross Wilson says..
Jul 8, 2018

Been a pleasure working with you guys over the past couple of years and looking forward to more of the same in the future. Great musicians and great bunch of people into the bargain. You clearly love what you do and it shows. Until next time.

Karen Jovi says..
Jul 8, 2018

A brilliant idea to combine 2 classic acts into 1 amazing tribute show! Superb musicians, who clearly love what they do, and a fantastic find for the new front man in Andrea who has great stage presence as well as an amazing vocal range. A great performance, and a very good show by some genuinely lovely guys - and the chemistry and camaraderie between them is naturally visible to the audience which is lovely to see. Highly recommended for all live music lovers - you won't be disappointed ๐Ÿ˜€ (but more dates along the South Coast please ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Mar Dobson says..
Jul 8, 2018

If Carlsberg made tributes bands this would be the one to see, Excellent set mixing both bands for one enjoyable evening of rock! I have shot this band twice now in my photographer capacity and enjoyed the performances both times with two different singers . The new singer Andrea works the crowd well and probably does it better now as I saw him on his first outing , Well done on your music award guys and keep rocking :)

Julie Austin says..
Jul 8, 2018

Hi guys, saw you in Leeds on Friday, my friend said you were great and you lived up to it, great musicians, great music, funtastic night ( especially the drums ha ha) canโ€™t wait to see you again. Julie ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜€

Martin Alexander says..
Jul 7, 2018

Hi Ricky, Thanks for the plus one with Melanie at The Brudenell Social Club. You put on an excellent set. Their PA and sound balance was spot on. It's a shame you were not personally lit better but then what can you expect when one guy jumps between the sound and lighting. Perhaps you might consider moving centre stage for guitar solos in that sort of situation? I sent Melanie the footage I shot. Was it received and of any use? Your new front-man Andrea is interesting. Are you all gelling? He seems a decent guy and has the necessary vocal range plus the moves. Time will tell. I got a sense there is a camaraderie between you. I'd like to see a short bio on your website for each of you written with some humour that reflects the bands approach. Plus a picture next to it. Was well impressed you came out and talked with the audience afterwards. Artists should always do that. In another universe many moons ago I used be involved in this stuff. I'm hoping to see you perform again in Keighley. Martin

Ricky Middleton says..
Jul 6, 2018

Hi all, if you have seen us at a show please leave your comments below. Also, if there is any location that you would like us to come and play, please add this too. Love AFJ x

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